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The Benefits of the Hibiscus Flower

The image of a hibiscus flower, for most people, evokes the idea of a tropical paradise, of warm sunsets and cool breezes. The hibiscus has been a popular ornamental flower for hundreds of years. However, it may come as a surprise to learn that the hibiscus is actually a beneficial herb as well. Just a few of its benefits include:

• Lowered Blood Pressure

• Reduced Cholesterol

• Weight Loss

As a safe, soothing natural supplement, hibiscus flower turns out to be quite more useful than many may believe.

Regulates Blood Pressure

One of hibiscus’ many functions is its ability to affect blood pressure. Several studies conducted on hibiscus have discerned its blood pressure benefits. On average, researchers have found that hibiscus lowered blood pressure by approximately 7%, and as much as 13% in some patients. This places hibiscus at the same effectiveness as most blood pressure medications, making it a fully viable natural alternative. While scientists have yet to confirm the secret behind this effect, they have two theories of equal likelihood. The first theory holds that hibiscus relaxes the blood vessels by inhibiting an enzyme responsible for the creation of artery-constricting compounds. This allows for a freer blood flow. The second theory postulates that the anthocyanins found in hibiscus can improve vessel function and strengthen collagen, which would thus strengthen the shape of the blood vessels. Whether either theory proves true, it is nonetheless clear that hibiscus is an effective blood pressure remedy.

Reduces Cholesterol

Hibiscus has also demonstrated great effect on cholesterol. In one study, participants who took hibiscus to reduce cholesterol levels noticed a drop in nearly twenty points in overall cholesterol. Hibiscus lowered the levels of LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while at the same time, increased the levels of HDL cholesterol, a beneficial substance produced by our own bodies. This change in the balance of good against bad cholesterol helps to reduce the risk of plaque buildup in the arteries, which could otherwise lead to atherosclerosis. The effectiveness of hibiscus is linked to its high concentration of anthocyanins, which have been tested multiple times to confirm its ability to lower bad cholesterol and increase the concentration of good cholesterol. Hibiscus also contains antioxidants which help to remove free radicals from the bloodstream, thus further eliminating the chance of plaque buildup.

Assists Weight Loss Efforts

Hibiscus proves to be a gentle, natural way to supplement dieting. Hibiscus has shown in studies an ability to prevent the release of the enzyme amylase, responsible for breaking down complex sugars and starches. Preventing the release of this enzyme prevents them from being stored as fats, instead passing them through the system and thus preventing weight gain. Speculation has also arisen about a certain micronutrient in hibiscus by the name of phaseolamin, which may lessen the body’s ability to absorb fat. Current studies have indicated that phaseolamin has weight loss potential, though these studies are still in the early stages.

With these known effects, hibiscus has risen in reputation as an herbal remedy, and in time, it may become as well known for its health benefits as for its natural beauty. Hibiscus flower is not served raw, but instead its petals are dried in sunlight and used as an ingredient in tea. Its flavor is remarked upon as being quite sour, and is often used in a blend or served with honey. Hibiscus may also be taken in a supplement form for those who dislike its sourness. If you would like to buy hibiscus flower supplements and experience its benefits yourself, it may be found in the herbal supplement section of your local health food store. It may also be easily available for purchase from several online vendors. When choosing to shop online, it is important to select a vendor who is trustworthy. That is why we recommend Vitality Herbs. The people at Vitality Herbs are committed to bringing you the highest quality herbs at prices you can afford. All of their herbs are grown strictly in the U.S., and are organic and wild harvested. This means that their herbs are never touched with pesticides, herbicides or any form of chemical fertilizers, and their supplements are prepared without the use of artificial sweeteners or additives. Buying organic hibiscus guarantees that you receive nothing but beneficial herbs. We truly hope this article has helped to educate you on the benefits of hibiscus flower. If you find you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.